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Incorporating the 5 senses in your wedding photos

Incorporating the 5 senses in your wedding photos

Wedding memories can fade as time goes on, and photos/videos are the only way to relive one of the biggest days in a person’s life. Traditional photography captures the images of the event, but using the five senses when coordinating shots can help to create a wedding album that is a walk through the past.


Obviously, photography captures what was seen in the wedding, but does it capture how it was seen? Is the lighting recreated on paper? Do the candles appear to flicker on the page? Can you see the love between the bride and groom? Sight is not simply putting a picture on a page. It is capturing the special moments throughout the ceremony and reception.


One may think that smell cannot be captured through photography, but it can. The natural elements of the wedding help to display scents. Flowers, the neck of the bride, food, candles, and even grass can evoke memories of scents. It isn’t all about shooting odiferous items, but it is more about reminding viewers of their experience through subliminal hints about scent.


Taste is probably the easiest part of photography to capture, but it can also appear lackluster. Taste is not simply dinner and cake photos. It is pictures of people enjoying food, kisses, and cake. It isn’t about what was tasted. It is about photographing people tasting. Please no embarrassing photos of people putting food in their mouths!


It is important to get photos of the bride and groom with wedding band in the background. If it is possible, they should be in the background of dancing shots. Music is not the only thing heard during a wedding, and speeches and vows are also important to photograph. However, the most important thing to photograph is the laughter and tears. This combined with the music creates a living album of the event.


The last sense that needs to be photographed is touch. Ring exchanges, touch during dances, and the touch of other couples in response to the bride and groom are essential to recreating the emotion of the event. Children dancing with relatives, and long-time married couples all represent the love that was shared during the event.

When considering incorporating the five senses in your wedding photography, it naturally leads to some of the expected photos practically everyone gets from their photographers. However, carefully considering creative ways to incorporate the senses will lead to more well-rounded and realistic representation of the day. Going through the wedding album will be like travelling back through time.